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Medical Records Now, Inc. ("Med Now Inc") has developed three lines of proprietary products designed to help save lives & find your lost pet or horse. 

My MedCard (HIPAA Compliant), My Pet's LifeSaver and My Horse's Health include My LifeSavers, My Med & LifeCards and My Med & LifeTags with voice assistance.

To complete our operating systems and a public offering of our stock, we are offering up to 5,000,000 Units at $.05 (five cents) per Unit to Accredited Investors only. To lock into our IPO  "Purchase Units Now". 


My Med & Life Cards & Tags have critical information, a Quick Response ("QR") code and Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") printed on them.

First responders and whoever finds your lost pet or horse will be able to scan the QR code or enter the URL to view your My Basic Records Page for critical life saving and contact information. 

We are also developing APIs to recall all of your health data with voice assistance through Siri, Google Now or Alexa!


Our marketing strategy is to pursue national retail distribution for our LifeSaver's, while offering all of our products online. 

Test marketing has shown that once a consumer becomes familiar with one of our products, they will purchase another!

We will also implement traditional e-commerce and direct marketing strategies with national advertising campaigns.

As our retail revenue grows, so will our online business!

Click this link to "Lock into our IPO and Purchase Units Now"

We'll help Save you and find your lost pet or horse!


Consolidated Five year Forecast Summary

This forecast is subject to financing and capturing one percent of the market.


It is based on for every two LifeSavers sold at $6.95 each net to the retailers, there will be one MedCard, LifeCard 

or LifeTag sold online for $19.95. We are budgeting 10% of retail store revenue for product merchandisers and 15% of all revenue 

for advertising. We have also included in our forecast, payments reserved for broker/dealers and up to $50,000 

for a S-1 filing and audit for our IPO.  We are using an effective corporate tax rate of 21%.

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James M. Garlie

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Medical Records Now, Inc.

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